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March 17 is a day dedicated to Saint Patrick, who surprisingly isn’t Irish,  commemorating the arrival of Christianity in Ireland and the heritage and culture of the Irish. It is a day of celebration where it is customary to wear green clothing, hold parades and it is common to see shamrocks used as decor. Some people believe that the symbol of Ireland is a shamrock, but it is actually a harp! The shamrock was used by St. Patrick as an explanation of the Holy Trinity. Toronto held its annual St. Patrick’s  Day Parade along Bloor Street, Yonge Street and finished at Nathan Philips Square on March 13th, 2016. The Chicago River is dyed green, and many other landmarks  around the world, including Niagara Falls, the Tower of Pisa in Italy, and  the White House Fountain is lit green in honour of St. Patrick’s Day. Chicago River St. Patrick's Day

St.Patrick's Day Around the World

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